Crochet Mini-Me Dolls

Made-to-order gifts crocheted in the image of the recipient




Don't be a boring gift giver

Finding the perfect, fun, unique, memorable gift doesn't have to challenging

When you give a Crochet Mini-Me Doll, get ready for the delighted squeal as they realise their Mini-Me doll is in their image


Imagine giving a Crochet MiniMe Doll, made in their image...

...they’ll laugh out loud with joy and delight as they unwrap it...

...then share it on social media telling everyone what a great gift you gave them...

...and years later when you visit, they’ll still have their Crochet MiniMe Doll on their mantelpiece.


Like you, I love to give unique & memorable gifts

I’m Vee Tanner and I too love to give memorable gifts. I also love to crochet, so I started crocheting MiniMe Dolls to give family and friends.

Soon, family, friends and their friends were asking me to crochet them MiniMe Dolls to give to as gifts so they could enjoy seeing the joy and delight on the face of the recipient when they unwrap their Crochet MiniMe Doll.

I’ve crocheted MiniMe Dolls in football strips, horse riding gear, favourite outfits… the list is growing.

Don't be stuck with a gift idea again.

What does a Custom-made Crochet MiniMe Doll cost?

Complete Crochet MiniMe Doll and outfit from £150 (plus P&P)


3 Easy Steps to Create Your Mini-Me Doll

It's easy to create and order your perfect Crochet MiniMe Doll in the image of your recipient.

Step 1

Select an outfit. There's a growing list of different outfits to choose from

Step 2

Choose hairstyle, colour and skin tone and any other options available depending on the outfit chosen.

Step 3

I crochet your Mini-Me Doll (allow 2-4 weeks) and post it to you. Watch the joy and delight on the face of the recipient as they unwrap their Mini-Me Doll in their image.

Give a unique memorable gift that will bring joy

Buying unique and memorable gifts can be tricky, especially if the person you’re buying for is difficult to buy for.

The problem is, you may not know them very well or perhaps they seem to have everything.

You want them to love your gift so that they’ll treasure it and show it off to their friends.

That’s why I started crocheting Mini-Me Dolls.

I too wanted to give a unique gift to a family member but was stumped what to get.

I wanted it to be special and unique and have meaning to the person receiving it.

So I got out my crochet hook and made a doll in their image.

It was a huge hit and she was absolutely delighted and tickled to receive it.

Since then I’ve been asked to crochet many more MiniMe Dolls for friends and family who wanted to give a unique and memorable gift.

Choose from the outfits below

Not seeing your perfect MiniMe? 

Contact me for custom-crochets

Want to commission a Crochet Mini-Me Doll in the recipient's favourite outfit? Use the form to describe them or link to a photo of the person for a quote.

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